Standards such as PRINCE2 are important in establishing a good process for your projects.  Many of you find it helpful to use a published standard.  When you adopt an existing standard you get all the benefits of the authors experience and research.  You can also usually get support with training courses, books and other aids easily.  However using a standard isn’t always the best choice.  When you think about how we all do different projects and in such varied contexts, perhaps a bespoke method could be better?

I’m not suggesting a radical tearing up of best practice and a return to black arts.  However I am saying that context is vital.  You need to make sure the method you use gives you the best chance of successful delivery.  In my experience that means taking the best practice the works for you and mixing it with the language and practices of your organisation.  Hopefully you have a fairly mature organisation who has already done this.  If you don’t, then your challenge is certainly harder and you should start light and grow.

Building a bespoke method for your Project Management

Few project management solutions support methodology at all, and most of those that do have a single fixed approach.  Of course that makes it difficult to have customised methods and a family approach with different methods for each type of project.  Luckily for you PROJECT in a box isn’t that restrictive.  Not only do we offer the widest range of standard methods off the shelf (14).  But you can also customise them or create a bespoke method to match your needs.

bespoke method; perfect project templates

This ability has been a long term capability of the commercial editions of the tool.  You can see videos about using Method Manager to create your bespoke method here and on YouTube  We have further enhanced this with the release of .piabx files.  Using this new file type you have much better control over the text type templates than you would using Word.  You can get the background and see .piabx in action here on YouTube.

So you can take control of .piabx files we are also making a .piabx designer tool available.  With this you can customise our existing templates or create your own, giving you total control over the process.  So you can easily convert your existing PM process into a PIAB method.  Or you can start with one of our existing PM method templates and evolve it into your perfect bespoke method.  Again we have provided a video into to that here and on YouTube.


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