Due to the longevity of PROJECT in a box it should be no surprise it was first created as software.  During the early years this fitted very well with customers preferred ways of working.  For many customers that is still the case with on-premises deployment remaining very high.  However at the same time we have also helped you work flexibly and on the go.  Our browser app has always been at the forefront of this.

The web revolution

We have always seen the flexibility that web based working gives people.  Even when others were pushing apps as the solution to mobile working we always felt the browser approach gave more.  The familiarity with which users can work on their PC, Mac, phone and tablet from the same interface is great.  Also of course that that there is no need for installs or app updates to roll changes out to users.  Of course this can work just as well over internal networks as it does over the internet and has changed how and where people access their project info.

The browser changes in versions 5.0 and 5.1

With the release of version 5.0 we included the day to day admin forms within the browser interface.  These included creation of projects and users and project level admin.

The new version 5.1 release in April 2018 has a new browser interface optimised for day to day project working.  This new interface supports the popular and flexible diagram navigation of the Windows App.  We have also included a show/hide approach and a sidebar making it very intuitive.  This diagram navigation is of course still able to be customised by you to match your project needs.  So with this you can direct your project teams to the content and features you want them to use.

browser navigation

When users are navigating their project process and working on content they get this great new dynamic page.  The basic/advanced modes keeps core features easy to access and still enables user to get to the detail if they wish.  Over the years we have found that typically 90+% of project contents are word, excel, pdf, images and urls.  SO for these file types as well as our own .spn and .piabx files we now provide previews directly in the browser.  This means users don’t have to download files or find apps if they just want to read them.  And reading content is the most common type of interaction for day to day users.

browser preview pane

These new and revolutionary browser features enable any user to quickly and easily access project information from anywhere. And when engagement and interaction are so crucial to project success this is a major benefit.

If you want to find out more about the new v5.1 for Live Edition, Enterprise Edition and Small Team Editions watch the video on YouTube now.

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