APMG announced last month the launch of their Praxis Framework certification scheme.  This launch is a good indication of where Praxis is in 2018.  Indicating the way in which the Praxis Framework has matured and grown in use since its 2014 Launch.  Of course we have provided a Praxis method as standard since those earliest days and this remains popular.  The framework has developed in many ways over these four years.  The framework now covers Agile approaches which are in increasingly common use.  Praxis also now has a maturity model.  This model even supports 360° assessments.  As the range of translations show, adoption has widened.  Originally in English only it is now also available in French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

APMG were a driving force behind the growth of PRINCE2 over the last twenty years.   So it is a great vote of confidence for Praxis to see them now launching this scheme.

Praxis Framework Certification – The qualifications

As with many other certification schemes there are two levels available, Foundation and Practitioner.  Both of these cover the full range of Praxis content and range across project, programme and portfolio areas.  If you are taking the Foundation exam it will be a simple multi-choice formal with a 50% pass mark.  If you want to take the Practitioner exam you will need to have already passed at Foundation level.  The higher Practitioner exam uses complex multi-choice questions, is open book and again 50% is the pass mark.

If you already have another PPM qualification you can jump straight to Practitioner by taking a bridging exam, rather than taking Foundation first.

You can self study and sign up for a public exam if you want, or study with an approved training provider.  You can already choose from nearly 20 approved training organisations.  With providers in UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia and also Australia/NZ there is already lots of choice.

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See Adrian and Emma talking about Praxis Framework certification here.

Will a Praxis framework certification be worth having?

I guess if you are spending your money on a course or an exam that is the key question.  Will a Praxis framework certification be worth having?  If you were to get the same material from other qualifications you may need to take three or four other separate courses.  So from that view the value is excellent and it may well also leave you a more rounded PPM professional.  But will it get you a job?  Prospective employers are likely to hear more about it over the coming months and then we will see.  However in a neat twist you get a nice logo you can use on your CV and email footer to tell everyone you are Praxis certified.  That is something you can’t do with the logo of other certifications and may make a real difference to how you are professionally viewed.

You can find out more about the Praxis framework on their site here.

To explore trainers and exam details use APMG here.

If you haven’t yet tried Praxis, sign up for our free tools download here and get started.

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