We were all new to projects once.  When I started working on projects it was at best a black art, at worst an opaque maze.  So I decided to help out those of you who are starting out now with something a whole lot easier.  My ten step Project Management Basics set of videos breaks a project down into bite sized chunks.  In each video I keep jargon to the minimum and practical advice to the fore.  Your project as at the heart of the videos as we work through the steps hands on using the free software tools provided.

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Each session first of all starts with a simple explanation of what the topic involves and some simple concepts and check lists.  Before moving on to show you how to achieve that using the free tools.

Project Management Basics – ten steps to a successful project

These ten sessions are all ten to twenty minutes long and you can cherry pick or watch them in sequence.  All ten sessions are provided on our You Tube channel so you can watch them anywhere.  You can get the playlist set here or use the individual links below.  One to five of the project management basics are already available so you can get your projects moving.  And of course we will be adding the remaining five over the next week or so. Update –  all ten sessions are now available.

1 – Your Project

2 – Starting

3 – Planning

4 – Risks

5 – Communicating

6 – Delivering

7 – Issues

8 – Reporting

9 – Closing

10 – Maturing

The free tools delivering your project management basics

Probably the most important part of the project management basics concept is the tools.  Giving you the skills and the tools and in addition showing you how to use them.  Because we think this gives you the best chance of of making a success of your first few projects.  We want you to step out comfortably, not stumble and fall on the path to successful projects.

Your companion tools in the project management basics programme will be Community Edition and Planner.  You can download both of them for free and use them forever if you wish.  You can sign up for them here if you want but the Starting video (session 2) takes you through sign up and installation.

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