We have now closed our 2017 Project management survey and begun to look at what you said.  So over the next few months we will look at the Project Management survey results in more detail.  First of all we will look at Q6 which has some rather interesting results.

Project Management Survey Results – Q6 – What are the greatest challenges in delivering projects?

We identified six different aspects of project management and asked which you found to be the biggest challenge.  Firstly we asked you to pick the areas as you saw it.  Then in addition we asked you to select as your organisation saw it.  This flushed some interesting differences in perspective.

project management survey results

You can see on this first chart the two sets of challenge scores and it is immediately clear there is poor alignment between them.  When we total up the scores we also see that the PMs feel a greater weight of challenges than they think the organisation sees.  This could be the result of PMs feeling undervalued/unsupported in general.  However this could also indicate that in some aspects of project management organisations lack appreciation of what PMs are having to do.  Of course it might be that there is appreciation just a lack of support with tooling or training.

Relative challenges

So lets have a look at which aspects show the greatest relative challenge perception.  You can see this in the chart below which shows the differences between the scores.  We see a positive green score where the PM feels the challenge more than the organisation.  The opposite negative scores in red where the PM feels the organisation sees a greater challenge than they do.

project management survey results; buying a PMO tool; PM survey findings

These results show that the day to day activities of managing a project are more of a challenge to the PM than the organisation appreciates. Also that PMs ind their inputs to reporting, benefit and cost management less challenging than their organisation finds it.  Neither point should really be a surprise to those with experience in both camps.  Of course PMs find the low level churn of day to day project management a challenge, because it is.  Likewise of course organisations can struggle with taking PM’s output reports, costs etc and making sense of it across many projects.

Turning these project management survey results into improvement steps?

If you see yourself reflected in these results then the big question is what to do about it?  Analyzing your performance, identifying weaknesses and improving your approach are key to improving your results and your maturity ratings.  We know many organisations are looking at reporting, finance and benefit metrics when identifying tools to help them improve.  Perhaps if they included some of these other aspects like comms, process, documentation etc in their requirements they would get better results from the tools they choose.

Of course PIAB can help you across all these aspects, see here to explore further.

Want to see yourself in the project management survey results for 2018?

These results are from our 217 survey and if you contributed then thanks, we really appreciate it.  Our 2018 survey is now open and you can give us your views when you are ready. The format remains the same with just ten questions.

You can fill in the 2018 Project Management survey here.  Survey Monkey tells us the average time to fill it in was under three minutes in 2017.

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