Earlier in 2017 AXELOS launched the PRINCE2 2017 refresh and we have already blogged on the subject a few times.  So in this post we go beyond theory to look at PRINCE2 2017 software options.  Whether you are looking for tools to support your PRINCE2 training or implementation this will be helpful.

Comprehensive PRINCE2 2017 software

PIAB have been the leaders in this field since the very earliest days with the first licensed PRINCE2 software. And we have updated this after each PRINCE2 refresh so you can keep delivering compliant projects.  So we are now launching the new PRINCE2 2017 Method Template.  Again this is an AXELOS licensed product, reusing content from the manual under licence.

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As you would expect the new PRNCE2 2017 Method template brings you the best in authentic materials.  We have also packaged them for your ease of use:

  • The full set of official PRINCE2 templates.  We actually wrote these for AXELOS and have licensed them back to include here for you.  These 27 word files all include guidance to help you fill them in.
  • Extended templates exclusively only available in this product.  Created by the same author as the official pack these include .xlsx  and Planner versions of key registers.  You will also get a full set of Role definition templates, health checks and a principles reminder.
  • Events and records.  We have also created the place holders for all the key evidence you should be gathering.
  • Point and click navigation from the process diagrams.  When you click on the process diagram the PRINCE2 2017 software shows you the products, events and records you need to use for that process.  This lets you focus on the process and saves time looking up things in the manual.
  • Context guidance.  You get hover guidance on responsibilities for the products, events and records appropriate for the process you are in.

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All your new projects will have these resources launched into them automatically.  This sets your project up quickly and helps keep you on track during delivery.

What are your PIAB product choices?

You might find this video a helpful introduction to PRINCE2 2017 software, either here or on You Tube.  You can buy the PRINCE2 2017 Method Template now in our on-line store.

Users of our free Community Edition tool can add all this for £25+vat and create as many projects as they want.

Personal Edition customers will get the same content and price.  They will also find it sets up the reporting structure for the project too.

When you purchase the PRINCE2 2017 Method Template for use on Small Team, Enterprise or Live editions the price is £100+vat.  You can create unlimited projects for use by all users in your system.  Your method template will also offer you additional navigation and analysis capabilities which are not supported on our personal tools.

prince2 2017 software; prince2 method template

Free PRINCE2 2017 software

Of course because we are generous souls we also offer free PRINCE2 2017 software.  This allows you to use a limited set of the PRINCE2 2017 resources on Community Edition totally for free.

How you can get and use your free PRINCE2 2017 software is the topic of our next blog post.

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