The PRINCE2 2017 refresh has generated lots of interest from PM’s this year.  As you know we again produced these on behalf of AXELOS and told you about this in a blog post. As a result many of you have asked us about availability of the official PRINCE2 templates.    Unlike prior refreshes however AXELOS have only made them available through their commercial Membership scheme.  If you have AXELOS membership that is great, but we know many of you don’t.  So to end the year some great news on how you can now get free PRINCE2 templates from the 2017 refresh.

Free PRINCE2 templates in the PRINCE2 resource pack

As the authors, we are allowed by AXELOS to include the Free PRINCE2 templates within our products.  We have therefore reworked our popular PRINCE2 resource pack to include these new templates.

The PRINCE2 resource pack 2017 also includes further templates created by the author of the official pack.  These additional templates are exclusively only available from PROJECT in a box.  The PRINCE2 resource pack also has links to other useful things like process diagrams and glossary.  Finally it also includes placeholders for your events and records.

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Of course Community Edition is much more than just a set of templates.  You can also use it as your project library with version control and audit trail.  You are not just limited to PRINCE2 and you could run nStep, Atern or Praxis projects also if you want.

We provide the same PRINCE2 resource pack on our other commercial products as well.  So if you decide to upgrade tools you can take your part complete projects with you.

We have prepared a great video to walk you through all this, it is here on this site or on You Tube.

Getting started

If you are either an existing Community Edition user or just want to take the free route then sign up for the download here.   Customers of our other tools should log in to their account here and download the latest patch.

Maybe you want more than just free PRINCE2 templates?

If you do want more than just the free PRINCE2 templates then we also have a perfect solution.  You will find the PRINCE2 2017 Method Template goes a lot further for a small extra cost.  You can read much more about it in this blog post.

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