Steve Cotterell reviewed Planner v5.0 in the Sept/Oct issue of Project Manager Today and you can read it here.  This planning tool review hit the nail on the head with the summary:

Why pay for a planning, risk and issue application when you can have this one for free?

Steve’s four pages of review covers every area of Planner 5.0, both the core features reviewed previously and the new capabilities.  PMT last reviewed Planner in 2012 and they clearly liked their first look. On that occasion calling it “an excellent entry-level scheduling and risk management tool”.  In the five years since then Planner has come on in leaps and bounds with a host of new features.

planning tool review

Planning tool review the main areas

Steve’s review covers all the basics of planning, which are nice and easy in Planner and then goes further. Investigating the cost management budgeting and actuals as well as progress cost data models.  Steve loved the calendar display showing tasks as well as risk and issue responses in weekly or monthly format. That you could export this as an iCalendar file for import into Outlook was also highly popular.  Steve loved the filters and views which really help you take control of the plan data, high value features in a free product.

Of course this is not just a planning tool review, Planner of course goes much further with risk and issue management.  This approach in Planner to roll in together all the project controls in the same tool really makes it stand out.  Other planning tools may be deeper, but none are so broad. Planner can therefore really help you take a grip of your project in a way other tools can’t. The expansion in version 5.0 to collect change data is a great example of this.  Planner’s ability to move risks into issues and visa-versa again shows the value of an integrated tool.

So you can read the full review here.  Our thanks to Steve of Project Manager Today for such a thorough planning tool review.

Planning tool review – what the next steps?

So now you have read the planning software review , what next?  You simply sign up and can download it for free.  If you were a user of a previous version it will upgrade you and if you are new it will install Planner 5.0.  Nice and simple just the way we like it.

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