Your colleague has sent you an MS project file and you can’t open it?  Yes, unfortunately it happens all the time and MS Project is pretty expensive to buy.  So instead of buying MS project why not convert the file instead?  You can do an MS Project transfer to Planner quickly and for free… so what are you waiting for.

Planner is also totally free and provides you with risk and issue management tools.  That is why most PMs who switch to Planner never go back, and who could blame them!

See an MS project transfer happen in real time

Our video here shows an MS Project transfer to planner in real time so you can see just how easy it is.  You can watch it on YouTube or direct here on our website.

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Some PMs just convert their MS Project files to read them, others make the switch more permanently.  If you do move over to Planner you can do your budget and actual cost management based on the existing tasks.  You can also edit to add, remove and alter tasks in Planner and save in the new .spn format.  If you have been previously struggling to manage your risks and issues in spreadsheets then even more good news awaits… Because Planner will let you manage all this in the same file.  So giving you the full set of project controls all in one place.

Now you know the advantages, so what are the next steps for MS Project transfer?

The first thing you will need to do is sign up to download Planner for free.  Yes we do mean free, not a trial you can use if forever.  All you need is a Windows OS laptop or computer to install it on.  If you are a MAC OS user then Parallels or some other Windows emulator will do the trick.

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