The best sort of project report is concise, simple and also easy to produce. That is why both you and your boss will love the new Project Statement report.  You will love it because you can produce it in 30 seconds.  Your boss will find the project very clearly explained.

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You can have a look at a project statement report saved as pdf file here.

This project report, like all your others is created from all the latest data held for your project.  So you can be confident all the data is bang up to date at the time of production.  All your calculations will be correct and formatted as required.  You can be sure that it looks as it should.  Most PMs produce Project Statement reports direct to Word so they can print them or save as PDF.

The only remaining question is what will you do with all the time you now have free?

Project report consistency

Your project statement report will always include the following content:

  • Firstly a set of technical and process statuses with colour coding
  • Next Description, commentary and key stats on finances and dates
  • A project summary timeline and a list of any overdue tasks
  • Your top 5 risks and issues
  • Finally a summary of the current benefit position on the project.

You can use this project report at any time by selecting it from the library of report definitions.  Furthermore you can personalise it with your own branding or data changes if you want to.

Project Report; project statement; project reporting; pmo; ppm

You can watch the video here on you tube or here on our website to find out how the project report works.

Getting your hands on this project report

Live, Small Team and Enterprise editions all include the Project Statement report as standard.  Customers upgrading from older versions can add the Project Statement when they upgrade to version 5.0. So contact us if you want to know more.


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