It isn’t often that you can deliver a project on your own.  So your on-line team collaboration is going to be an important part of any PPM solution.  Especially when you consider that much of your project records will be electronic.

If you can get this important aspect of projects right you can save lots of time.  You can also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams.  Your likely problem though is that not everyone wants to collaborate in the same way.

PROJECT in a box solves this by offering you a number of approaches to on-line team collaboration. Giving your team members a choice is always helpful.

on-line team collaboration; team collaboration software

Formal or informal On-line team collaboration

First of all users will already be familiar with the great file management tools in PIAB. With them you can share files and work on or view content controlled by permissions.  You will find this formal collaboration helps with document control.  When you need to seek group approvals, which are also included, that is especially the case.

You know that not all your project work needs such formal documentation.  Often you and the team will be chatting around ideas before making a decision.  The new collaboration thread capability is perfect for helping capture this process.  You simply create a new topic and anyone with access to the project can join in and read or add to the thread.

On-line team collaboration tool; project collaboration

Team members can also get thread updates by email, in  similar way to other social media platforms.  You can reply to your email via hyperlink and read or update via browser or Windows App, keeping you in touch from anywhere.

Your On-line team collaboration tools

You get all these on-line team collaboration tools included with Live, Small Team and Enterprise Editions.  So you just choose the number of users and SaaS or on-premise and we do the rest.

You can see the collaboration tools in action here on our You Tube channel.