Many PMs are now realising the benefits of using a milestone timeline in project reports. If stakeholders have previously struggled to understand a full Gantt chart then this could work well for you. Your milestone timeline image will get over that problem making your job much easier.

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You can see Milestone timeline in action in Planner on our YouTube video here.

Your Milestone Timeline produced for free forever

You continue to plan your project using Planner.  You can either type in the task details or you can also load from MS Project if you prefer.  Many of your tasks will be normal and in addition some will be zero duration Milestones.  Your milestones will pick out key points in the project.  Usually you will also update the milestones with progress information.

You monitor your project as usual from the gantt or task list and when you want to report on it the new capability kicks in.  You switch to Milestone timeline and it is right there waiting for you.  Using your options you can adjust the layout and choose how much data to display.  Project managers often filter their Milestones depending on the Audience.  Some PMs will also show a table of the milestone data or colour code milestone completion.

You can also save the settings to use them again, saving you even more time.  Simply use right click copy and then paste into your report and your Milestone timeline will be there.  Customers of the full PROJECT in a box can have automated reports including the timeline and lots of other data too.

In addition you get the rest of the Planner benefits all for free

Planner is totally free forever, no restrictions on use and available to individuals, commercial and non-commercial organisations too.  There really is no catch, use it and improve your projects. Planner is more then plans, more than milestone timeline it covers risks, issues and finances too.

You can register and download Planner here and of course feel free to send us an email telling us just how useful you find it.


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