Even the most skillful craftsman needs tools to get the best results.  With project management this is also the case and PRINCE2 Tools can really help.  Whether you are an expert or a novice the tools can save you time and keep you authentic.

The structured nature of PRINCE2 lends itself very well to being supported by software tools.  We have identified the two areas where PRINCE2 tools can help you the most. Firstly, making sure you follow the right process and secondly, collecting and using data better.  Armed with this insight we developed the software PRINCE2 tools you will need.

Finally, the free PRINCE2 Tools you have always wanted

You can use both of the free PRINCE2 tools, Community Edition and Planner.

Community Edition provides the PRINCE2 methodology support, giving you process, guidance and templates.  You can then follow your project in simple steps working on the files in accordance with PRINCE2.  You can collect files, emails and other material in the tool and version control it.  Community Edition really lays out the PRINCE2 process for you making it easy to follow.  Over 250,000 project managers use this as one of their key PRINCE2 tools in the move from classroom to delivery.

PRINCE2 Tools; Prince2 software; document management

Planner provides an easy to use tool for Planning as well as Risk and Issue management.  These are crucial areas for any project and especially so in PRINCE2.  We have spoken in many previous blogs about Planner as a planning tool. You can also use Planner to collect and control your Risk and Issue management with ease.  Planner’s structure around this matches that suggested in the PRINCE2 manual. You will find few other PRINCE2 tools so well matched in this area, and none for free.

prince2 tools;PRINCE2 software; risk management

Download Planner and Community Edition from here today.  You can then use these valuable free PRINCE2 Tools forever, this is not a trial and will not expire.

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