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Third Party Software

PROJECT in a box uses various third party libraries, some of which are licenced using the LGPL, GPL with the Classpath Exception, the Apache Licence or similar. You may download the binaries and/or source code from here. You must agree to the licence terms within each library in order to use or distribute them. The licence text is included with the PROJECT in a box installers, or can be read on the original source locations.


MPXJ is used to read Microsoft Project plans.

MPXJ uses: POI, IKVM, Apache Commons Collections, RTF Parser Kit and SQLITE-JDBC



Apache Commons Collections

RTF Parser Kit




7-Zip is used in its compiled form

Works Derived From 'Code Project' Sources

Some code used within PIAB is derived from works licenced under the Code Project open licence 1.02 and these terms apply to its use and distribution. A copy of the licence is available here

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