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PROJECT in a box Planner is a single user, Windows desktop .NET program for creating, editing and sharing project planning information in the form of tasks lists and Gantt charts.

System Requirements

A Windows PC with the .NET framework v4.5.1 or newer installed.

Plan Files

Planner uses the file extension '.spn' e.g. 'My Plan.spn'. The installer puts some example plans in your Windows 'Documents\PIAB Planner' folder. Plan files are in XML format.

File Locations

By default, the planner-setup.exe uses the following locations (note see below for 'Portable' mode)

Location Description
Program Files\PROJECT in a box Planner Application files
Users\<current user>\AppData\Local\piabplanner This is your Windows Profile location, containing the application config file 'piabplanner.cfg'
Documents\PIAB Planner Example plan files

Default Install vs Portable Mode

By default, the program is installed in your 'Program Files' folder as above, configuration files are stored in your Windows Profile, and example projects are placed in your 'Documents\PIAB Planner' folder. Alternatively, you can install the program on a USB key or other removable device.

To use in 'Portable Mode':

  1. Run the planner-setup.exe and install on your removable device, or copy all the files from an existing 'Program Files\PROJECT in a box Planner' to the device.
  2. Run the Planner from the new portable location.
  3. Select 'Options'
  4. Enable 'Portable Mode'
  5. Restart the program from the removable device.
  6. Copy your existing plans (.spn files) to the removable device.
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