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PROJECT in a box Planner is a great companion planning tool. It makes it simple to layout, schedule your projects and even resource them. Then share the files with anyone you want. Easy to pick up and use even if you haven’t used a planning tool before. Planner doesn't have the rich functionality of bigger applications, it's unashamedly lightweight.


Use Planner to create traditional plans with an unlimited number of tasks, group them into autocalculating summaries and nest/indent this down to seven levels. Resource your tasks, record % complete and include addition details about the task including links. Cut, copy and paste tasks set predecessors. All this from a point and click interface and one basic task form designed to make planning easily accessible.


Use Planner to create lists of risks, set risk model parameters e.g. probability, impact, proximity. Manage inherent and residual risks. Define and track responses. View graphical representations of your risk profile.


Use Planner to create and manage lists of issues. Assign owners, status, define and track responses. View your issues graphcially.

Other Features

  • 'Saved Views' on Tasks, Risks and Issues allow you to create lists of bespoke, filtered views of your data so you can view and present it instantly in just the way you want.
  • Budget Cost model on tasks.
  • Multiple dependencies on tasks.
  • Import and export data.

More Information

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