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Personal Edition FAQ

What is Personal Edition?

Personal Edition is the single-user edition of PROJECT in a box. Unlike the Small Team and Enterprise Editions, it does not require a database. It can be installed as a conventional application or fully portable e.g. with all files on a removable USB key.

Like the Small Team and Enterprise Editions, you can create your own tailor-made project method templates. Or you can modify the ones supplied. Navigation diagrams and menus, process structure and template files can all be modified.

What do I need on my PC?

You need the Microsoft .NET framework installed on your PC. You can download it for free from here: Microsoft .NET

Do I need Administrator permissions?

For a conventional install to your 'Program Files' location, you will need local Administrator permissions. However, if you don't have local Administrator permissions then you can install it in 'Portable Mode' to a location where you have write permissions (e.g. 'My Documents') or to a removable USB key.

You do not need local Administrator permissions to run the software in either mode.

What is Portable Mode?

In 'Portable Mode', all of the program software and data is stored within one parent folder. This means you can put it on (for example) a USB key and easily take it from PC to PC. Alternatively, you can install in 'Portable Mode' on a single PC e.g. in your 'Documents' folder - this allows you to install even if you don't have local Administrator permissions.

How to Setup in Portable Mode on a USB Key

If you have already installed PROJECT in a box onto your PC, in the default 'Program Files' folder, then just switching the program to run in 'Portable Mode' probably won't do what you want. Here is how to set it up on a USB stick:

  1. Use the setup.exe to install the program in a chosen folder your USB stick.
  2. Apply your licence key (if you have already installed on the desktop, you can re-use the same key).
  3. Run the program, then choose 'File | Options' and switch to ‘Portable Mode’
  4. Look in 'Options | Program Settings’ to confirm the location of all the files – they should all be on the USB stick.

You should find that all the program and data files are now on the USB stick, and you can move the USB stick to any PC that has the Microsoft .NET Framework installed, and run it from there.

If you have already started working on projects or method templates on the original desktop install, then you can just copy those from the original location (which will be in your Windows Profile) to the ‘projects’ folder on the USB Stick.

Does it contain Spyware?

No. Please be aware that the program does automatically check for updates by connecting to our website (over http). No personal data is transmitted, just your licence key and program version so we can tell whether you are up to date. If an update is available then no software is downloaded or installed - you are simply shown a short message in the opening panel of the program so you can choose about when to upgrade. You can turn off automatic update checks in the menu.

How do I modify the template files?

The template files are stored in the 'template' folder within the installation folder. You can modify the template documents so that every time you create a new project, the modified files will be used.

You can modify all aspects of the template:

  • Diagrams
  • Template files
  • Menus and navigation
  • Project and folder structure

You can use the included 'Method Manager' program that comes installed your software. For help, please run the 'Method Manager' program and view the help available from the menu.

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