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Small Team and Enterprise Edition FAQ

What are Small Team and Enterprise Editions?

'Small Team' and 'Enterprise Editions' are the client-server, team sharing editions of PROJECT in a box, and are often collectively refered to as 'Professional Edition' in technical articles. They share the same technology.

What Technology does it use?

Small Team and Enterprise Edition use the Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server (including SQL Server Express Edition).

The server part of PROJECT in a box is a typcial ASP.NET web and web services application and can be deployed like any other ASP.NET web application.

It includes a .NET Windows Desktop App that communicates to the server over HTTP or HTTPS using web services, and a lightweight Browser App for everyday use.

What is the Desktop Version?

The Desktop Version is a full install of PROJECT in a box, simply licenced for one user and packaged to install by default all on a single PC (desktop or laptop). If in the future you want to add more users, you can simply buy more licences.

Do I need a Server PC?

The PROJECT in a box 'Desktop Version' is designed to be installed all on one PC (desktop or laptop) and doesn't need a Windows Server operating system. Even in a small multi-user team setting, the server can be run from the same desktop or laptop PC. In a larger multi-team environment, it is more normal to have the server components running on one or more separate server PCs.

Do I need to buy a SQL Server Licence?

PIAB has been designed to run for individuals or small teams (e.g. <25 users) using Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. This uses the same technology as SQL Server but has limitations on database size. The size limit has no practical effect on PIAB unless you have a huge number of projects. In a corporate environment a full SQL Server instance would normally be used, particularly for the management features needed in a this setting. Please contact us if you require more details.

Alternative to MS Project?

Is PIAB an alternative to Microsoft Project: No. You can still use MS Project as a planning and resourcing tool, store and version your plans through PIAB and report on the data to a wider audience. For instance you can produce Gantt charts that everyone can read - not just those with a MS Project licence.

Application Security?

PROJECT in a box is written as a standard-pattern .NET web-services application and so makes use of the Microsoft security elements in the same way as any conventional ASP.NET web application. As a design philosphy we have used these standard patterns and technologies in preference to a bespoke solutions to provide a package that will be easy to understand and implement in a security context.

Key security elements therefore include:

- IIS (Internet Information Server) security e.g. anonymous access/windows authentication - NTFS directory security - http or https transport

By default, PIAB uses a Trusted Connection to the database, ensuring that sensitive database credentials are not stored on the server.

PROJECT in a box can use http or https for network transport. On a secure or trusted network, or where the data is not senstive, http may be used. In this case data is sent in clear text. On an insecure network (e.g. over the Internet) or where data is senstive, a conventional server certificate may be used to encrypt the network traffic using conventional SSL (TLS) protocols.

Active Directory Integration?

Yes. PROJECT in a box can be run as a stand-alone system or integrated with Active Directory. In the “stand-alone” pattern, user credentials are stored in the PIAB database and authentication is done by the application. In the “integrated” pattern, PIAB uses IIS Integrated Windows Authentication to authenticate users - only user names are stored in the PIAB database to match your AD login names.

Email Integration?

Yes. Currently, PROJECT in a box is most tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook but it can be used in conjunction with any other email client - with less automation of the file check-out/check-in operations.

Citrix Integration?

Yes. There are settings to configure the client to use typical user-specific path mappings used in a Citrix installation. For instance, the client can be set to use roaming or non-roaming profiles.

Sharepoint Integration?

Yes. PROJECT in a box uses the same root technology as Sharepoint (SQL Server, ASP.NET, IIS, Web Serivces) and is a good technical fit in that environment. PIAB shares some of the features of Sharepoint (e.g. file versioning) and PIAB is much easier for you to tailor for your own project style.

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