Community Edition - Language File

NOTE: This language file format is used for Community Edition Version 2.2.0 and older. It has been superceded with a new, richer format in Version 2.2.1 and newer.

The Community Edition Language File is a text document (*.txt) that is placed in the 'language' folder in the installation folder. It contains a list of original text vs. translated text which will replace words and phrases used throughout the program.

Here is an example file with the standard English language set as shown below that you can download and edit (please unpack from zip first): gb.txt

The columns are separated with the '|' character.

e.g. a default GB language file 'language\gb.txt' would contain:

Original Text|Translation
Yes	|yes
No	|no
OK	|ok
Cancel	|cancel
Close	|close
Rename	|rename
Delete	|delete
Default	|default
Save	|save
Options	|options
Exit	|exit
Window	|window
New	|new


Note that if using extended characters you will need to save the .txt file as Unicode. In Notepad you can select the Encoding when you save, as in the following screenshot.

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