Community Edition Troubleshooting

You must run the Installer as Administrator

You need to install with an account that has local Admininstrator privileges. If not, then you will get an error message such as 'Error writing licence file'. You may need to contact your local IT support to install the program.

Even if you are logged in as Administrator, programs are normally run with reduced privileges. You need to right click on the setup program and select “Run as Administrator”. If you have already run the installer, but not as Administrator, then you should uninstall first then reinstall.

If you don't have local Administrator rights

As an alternative you can install to a local drive or flash drive and run in portable mode. For details please see Community Edition FAQ

You need the .NET framework

You must have the Microsoft .NET framework installed on your PC. If you get the following message, it indicates that the .NET framework is not present.

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)

The 'Virtual Store'

If you have run the installer not as Administrator, then the program files may have been installed in the 'Virtual Store' rather than in your Program Files folder. This is security feature but it can cause programs to malfunction. The location of the 'Virtual Store' is:


where [USERNAME] is your Windows login name. If this has happened we suggest you delete the PROJECT in a box Community Edition files from there, and re-run the installer as described above.

Online Help

Please follow this link for Online Help including installation instructions and help on using the program.

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