Quick Test Plan

Note: These tests must be carried out on a client PC that has the necessary client software installed to work with the project files (e.g. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project). Basic connectivity tests can be carried out on the server.

# Test Instructions Expected Result
1 Connectivity
1.1 Login Run the client and login as a PIAB Administrator Login successful
1.2 Version Check Do 'Help/About' and check the client and server versions are correct Both show the correct version
1.3 Select Project Do 'File/Select Project' and choose a project The project opens with a process overview diagram
2 File Operations
2.1 File Explorer Click a process box(s) to open the File Explorer File explore opens
2.2 Navigate Explorer Use the document tree to navigate to a document and file File details appear in the RH pane
2.3 View File With a file selected, click the 'View File' button File opens on the client PC
2.4 View File Version If present, select an older version from the file version list. Click the 'View Version' button Older version of the file opens on the client PC
2.5 Check Out File If permissions allow, click on the 'Check Out File' button File opens on the client PC; The file is marked in the client as Checked Out.
2.6 Check In File If permissions allow, click the 'Check In' button and follow the instructions to check in the file The file checks in to the server; The file is shown as 'not checked out'; The file version history table is updated;
2.7 Copy to Email Click the 'Email this File' button A new email opens in Outlook with the file attached
3 Search
3.1 Keyword Search Click 'Search'; Type 'mandate' into the 'keyword' field and click the 'Search' button. The search list is populated with a document tree containing documents and files that match the search
4 Reporting
4.1 Project Report Click 'reports/project report' and click OK A report appears in a browser or in Word containing the project report. Note that the success and contents of this operation depend on correct set-up of the project, report options and client applications so you may see warnings before the report appears.
5 Browser App
5.1 Connectivity In a web browser, navigate to the PIAB Browser App URL e.g. http://MYURL/piabws/default.aspx. The PROJECT in a box application opens either with a login page, or already logged in depending on your system settings.
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