Patching the Clients

The PIAB client is a .NET Windows Application, consisting of a set of folders and files normally located on the client PC in folder:

Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional
Option 1 - Run Upgrade Client Patch

The clients can be upgraded individually using the client setup program. These do not need to be applied incrementally.

Option 2 - Client Deployment Page

An alternative is to prepare and deploy the client using a web page. The PIAB client is a files-only, XCOPY type installation and can be deployed as a self extracting download. If you are using the client-server system with the PIAB client deployed via the browser (Enterprise Hub):

  1. Run the 'PROJECT in a box Server Management Tool' (aka 'PROJECT in a box Server')
  2. Go to the 'Make Deployment Client' section.
  3. Follow the steps to review and re-build your deployment clients to ensure that users get the latest client on their desktops.

For more details please see: KB0000060 Client Deployment Overview

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