Release Notes 4.3

Applies to: Small Team and Enterprise Edition 4.3 Build 1

Release Date 2016-11-03

- Fix to bug in Project Document Status report. Build 1

Release Date 2016-09-23

- Server-side change to fix a potential security issue. Only the server files need to be patched using the patch installer. Build 1

Release Date 2016-06-27

  1. Server-side change to include macro-enabled spreadsheets .xlsm providing properties to be automatically refresh the properties on checkin.
  2. Fix for issue in the browser, edit tasks, where the 'percent complete' field can remain disabled when you edit a summary task, then move to a normal task. Build 1

Release Date 2016-06-27

  1. Maintenance update, includes fixes for language support.
  2. Fix for issue in Project Reports where entering a description incorrectly populated the 'Include Spreadsheets' field. Build 1

Release Date 2016-02-15

  1. New three-tier sorting in Project Property Views.
  2. Word reporting available in the browser app.
  3. New 'Select Project' form in the browser app show Project Property Views.
  4. New 'Dashboard Report' forms in windows app allows easier selection of report specs, and publishing.

Note: This patch requires the SQL update scripts to be run for an upgrade from 4.3.1, although they contain all the SQL required to upgrade from 4.2. Build 1

Release Date 2016-02-15

  1. Fix for User Connections leak when loading a new Project Properties View in the Project Search form. Build 1

Release Date 2016-01-08

  1. Project Property View tables now ordered by Project Name if no sort column specified, and you can use the Ascending/Descending option.
  2. Portfolio Name now explicitly put into the report XML output, regardless of other settings, so it can always be picked up as a project property and used in the Portfolio Word Reporting.
  3. Fixed an issue where the browser app's etc/checkedoutfiles folder wasn't being created by the server patch. Build 1

Release Date 2016-01-05

  1. Word .docm files can be used for report templates
  2. Fix for issue in browser app, 'Projects' page where the project status RAG icon could be out of sync with the value in some circumstances.
  3. Fix to notification system (piabtriggerwatch.exe) for the locale system.
  4. Individual Task/Risk/Issue Info forms reinstated as a target for the links in the notification emails.
  5. Fix to an issue in Portfolio Reporting to Word (Poster-style) where projects with no relevant data to fill the tags could cause a mismatch between the project sections and where the data is printed. Build 1

Release Date 2015-11-07

  1. Original release.
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