Upgrade Guide 4.1

This article provides an overview of patching a PROJECT in a box client-server installation from Version 4.0 to Version 4.1. Please note that patches must be applied incrementally e.g. if your installation is at Version 3.4 you must patch to 4.0 then 4.1. All downloads are available from your client page.

System Overview

PROJECT in a box (PIAB) is a client-server application consisting of:

  • An ASP.NET web browser and web services application ('piabws')
  • A SQL Server database ('piab')
  • A .NET Windows App that connects to the service using web services (http/https).

Changes in this Version

Please review the changes in this version: What's New in Version 4.1


  • The location of the web application folder is: Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\piabws
  • Out-of-date files are written to the 'saved' folder during the patch run.
  • A log of the patch is kept in a timestamped file e.g. 'piabpatchlog-4.x.x.001-build-1-[2014-09-10_10-30-00].txt'.
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