Release Notes 4.0

Applies to: Small Team and Enterprise Edition 4.0 Build 1

Release Date: 22/04/2014

Summary of New Features

  1. In the Dashboard form, the projects list was not being updated for the current portfolio when first opened.
  2. In 'Connection Options', there was a problem when entering alternative Windows Credentials rather than 'Use Current Windows Credentials'.
  3. Corrected a spelling error of 'Finance Log' in the reports.
  4. Method templates with 'project' in the ID cause a problem in the Browser Client. Build 1

Release Date: 09/04/2014

Summary of New Features

  1. Updated graphics and icons in clients.
  2. Various adjustments to the team/manager licence functionality:
    • View-only browser users get the Approvals tab.
    • Team users cannot recycle files, or restore recycled files.
  3. In the 'Select Project' form or 'Dashboard', when you reselect the current project it does a full reselect, so refreshing the data.
  4. The components to read .mpp files upgraded to the latest version of mpjx 4.5 to solve problems reading .mpp 2007 files.
  5. Fixed a problem in the 'Reports' page of the browser app, where raw (not zipped) files did not open correctly. Build 1

Release Date: 25/01/2014

Summary of New Features

  1. Added special function to include blank columns in Task reports.
  2. The 'Show File URL' menu item was missing from the right-click file menu in the Windows App Explorer.
  3. The 'View Reports' form was not available for a 'Team User'.
  4. 'Index View' functionality added to template process menu items in the Windows and Browser Apps.
  5. The client installer's setup.ini file can set the text displayed in the desktop shortcut.
  6. When you re-select the current project (in the 'Select Project' or 'Dashboard' forms) the project is now fully reset. It used to do nothing. Build 1

Release Date: 24/01/2014

Summary of New Features

  1. The CSS for the Browser App's help pages was not being delivered correctly by the installer (new installs only).
  2. The 'Manage Report Specifications', 'Edit Name' function had an issue where the edited name appeared in the wrong column, although this was just a display issue.
  3. 'Custom Admin Permissions' for 'Create Project' and project controls (Manage Plans, View Tasks For All Users etc.) had various issues, corrected in this version.
  4. When using a spreadsheet for storing risks, the 'Residual Risk Rating' was not being read in correctly into the database.
  5. There was a reporting issue with reporting at the portfolio level on a user-specified spreadsheet, if the 'Portfolio Treatment Cell' was not at (0,0) e.g. if you had one or more static header rows in the table. Fixed in this version so that the 'Portfolio Treatment Cell' can be anywhere in the table.
  6. The 4.0 server path includes SQL to update, and this by default reset the task/risk/issue saved views and saved report specs. This is now in a different installer section and not enabled by default, so as not to overwrite existing saved views and report specs. Note that when first patching from 3.4, this will need to be enabled.
  7. New 'Force Language File' option added to client and server, so you can specify a language translation file to use without having to switch your desktop to use a language-culture (e.g. you can use 'myfile' rather than 'nl-be'). The piabtriggerwatch.exe utility for sending email alerts has a new -forcelanguagefile myfile options.
  8. When in portable mode, the local 'My Documents' folder was '\bin\My Documents' but it should be '\local\My Documents'. Similarly the local 'temp' folder.
  9. The 'Manage Project Roles' form was using the login rather than the display name.
  10. In Method Manager, adding a new stage type can result in an error. Fixed in this version.
  11. In the 'Project Report' form, using the 'Load Specification' function, you get an error if you don't select a specification, although this doesn't cause further problems. Fixed in this version.
  12. The piabtriggerwatch.exe utility, that sends daily email alerts, was using the old 3.4 XSL templates which are monochrome and don't include by default all the new task/risk/issue fields from 4.0. Updated in this version to use the newer templates by default. Build 2

Release Date: 8/11/2013

Summary of New Features

  1. Fixed an issue to piabtriggerwatch.exe, where the built-in stylesheet for sending plan notification emails was out of date. Also the built-in translations for rule descriptions where out of date. This only affects the following files in piabws\bin:
    1. piabtriggerwatch.exe (now v4.0.1.001)
    2. piablanguage.dll (now v1.0.0.001) Build 1

Release Date: 4/11/2013

Summary of New Features

  1. Fixed an issue where view-only users could login to the Windows App. Build 1

Release Date: 30/10/2013

Summary of New Features

  1. Modified Method Manager, and the Extended Properties controls in the Windows App, to clean the names of extended properties to avoid characters that can cause problems. Extended properties must start with a letter or underscore, not a number, and there a various prohibited charaters.
  2. Removed the local copy of planner from the 'run-once' deployment client.
  3. Fixed an issue with the 'run-once' client where an error message was being shown if Planner was not installed on the client PC. Build 1

Release Date: 24/10/2013

Summary of New Features

  1. Added 'Percent Complete' to the builtin project properties calculated from plan data. If a project has multiple plans attached to it, then the average is taken.
  2. Improved error handling for the new 'spreadsheet table into project properties' function. If there are errors, no error box is shown but a description is shown in a special '__ERRORS' property.
  3. Fix to problem in Method Manager when creating a new template from scratch. MM is now at version
  4. Fixed an error in reporting the count of risks and issues in the project properties. The count was including the numbers of responses, leading to higher values. Build 1

Release Date: 17/10/2013

Summary of New Features

  1. Original 4.0 Release
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