What's New in Version 3.4


Version 3.4 new features include:

  • New multi-user document approval process.
  • New process-diagram navigation options
  • Exta browser client options, including a mobile-friendly interface

Plus other technical improvements throughout the system. See this video tour for an introduction:

http://www.projectinabox.org.uk/tours/34intro.wmv 3.4 Intro

New Multi-User Document Approval Process

In previous versions, users with modify permissions could set the 'Approved' flag on a file on check-in. Version 3.4 includes an additional new approval process that includes multi-user voting. A user can request an approval on a chosen file, and invite other users to vote on it; these users can vote, abstain, approve, reject etc. They can comment on the file and all of this is retained in the audit trail. It's a flexible system that can support many bespoke in-house approval processes. For more information please see this video tour:

http://www.projectinabox.org.uk/tours/34approvals.wmv 3.4 Approvals

New Process-Diagram Navigation Options

In 3.4 we have extended the popular, customisable, diagram-based navigation system to allow you to create custom home pages for particular types of user based on e.g. their project permissions, user type or licence type. So you can tailor the view of the project to your users needs.

In addition you can now activate many project functions directly from the process diagram, so for instance you can put your choice of functionality directly on the the home page, easily accessible rather than having to work through the menu system.

The home page can also be selected based on any of the project's customisable 'Extended Properties', allowing methods to be tailored on-the-fly to implement, for example, a gated process.

Please See this video for more information:

http://www.projectinabox.org.uk/tours/34navigation.wmv 3.4 Process Navigation

Client Interface Choices

Verison 3.4 includes more user interface choices:

  • The Windows app, which is fully featured and gives an integrated experience with your desktop
  • The browser client (Enterprise Hub) which uses standards-based DHTML and AJAX for maximum compatibility across devices.
  • The new mobile-browser client which is ideal for a range of small-screen devices.

For more information please see this video:

http://www.projectinabox.org.uk/tours/34interfaces.wmv 3.4 Browser Client Interfaces

Other New Features

Windows App

  • My Files Form. This form now has two new tabs 'For Approval' (listing files for the current user to vote on approval) and 'My Approvals' (listing files that the current user has requested approvals on).
  • User Search. When selecting users, you can now apply filters e.g. 'Users that aren't connected to a plan resources', or select users by project role. Deleted users are shown like this '*john.smith'.
  • Explorer Form. Various improvements to the form including:
    • Extra menu items and controls to manage and contribute to the approval process.
    • The right-click context menus on the explorer tree are now in complete sync with the main menu items.
    • The recycle-delete operations have been reviewed and made more context-sensitive.

Browser App

  • Switchable Standard/Mobile Interface. The browser interface presented to the user can be switched using the 'Server Management Tool' between the standard and mobile interfaces. You can run two IIS web applications in parallel to same PIAB installation to allow a choice on-the-fly.
  • New 'My Approvals' form.* Showing approvals that the current user is being asked to vote on, either for the current project or across all projects.

System Changes

Temp File Cleanup

We have increased the automatic clean-up of temp files generated both by the windows app and the browser app.

The client system temp files (e.g. viewed MS Word files) and the local copies of template process images can be set to auto-delete on client exit. Previously, updating the local copies of template files following a method template update was a manual process.

The 'Options' form in the client app now has a 'Special Folders' tab that lists important folders used by client.

The browser app now deletes the indivudal user's temp files as they move between pages, rather than relying on the session exit events to trigger this, which has proved unreliable in practice. This improvement means that litter is not left on the web server. Note that, in a default installation, the app is limited in which files it can delete - as Windows Server forces an application reset if folders are deleted within the application path. However there is the option to store the temp folder in a location under a different IIS Virtual Directory, in which case folders can be deleted too.

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