Release Notes 3.1

Applies to: Small Team and Enterprise Edition 3.1 Build 1

Release Date: 14/9/11

Summary of New Features

  1. Various improvements in the 'Import Users' function in the Server Management Tool.
  2. Allow a user-specified CSV delimiter in the output of reports that can output CSV files.
  3. Fixed an issue with the 'Manage Project Roles' form where some roles were not applied correctly.
  4. Fixed an issue where task descriptions were not being uploaded from Planner .spn files.
  5. Fixed an issue where the Stage Summary Info form was not allowing .xlsx files to be specified correctly in the Stage Summary Info form.
  6. Fixed a Method Manager issue. The Extended Properties form had incorrectly labelled columns.

Contains components:

  • Server Mangement Tool, piabserver.exe
  • Method Manager, piabmethodman.exe Build 2

Release Date: 17/7/11

Summary of New Features

  1. Modified the blank databases supplied with the distribution to remove default Admin contact details.
  2. Fixes to the Server Management Tool to detect whether a config save is necessary on exit, and not to revert the database restore filepath when switching between tabs. Build 1

Release Date: 10/7/11

Summary of New Features

Original Release.

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