KB2810320 Problem using MS Project 2010 .mpp files in reports


MS Project 2010 files are not currently supported when exporting Gantt Charts to Dashboard and Project Summary Reports.


You will see an error when creating the report. 'The is a problem reading the MSP plan on the server. 'XXXXX' Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (mspcom.GetData) (clsMSP.clsMSP.MppPlugin.GetData) (clsProjectReport.ReadUserSpecifiedMspOnServer)

Affected Software

Personal Edition v3.0.2.x Enterprise and Team Editions v.3.0.1.x


The current work around is save Project 2010 files MS Project XML format to give backwards compatibilty.

If you have Project 2007 on the PIAB Client machine (in addition to MS Project 2010) you can also switch the 'MPP file interface Typ'e to COM in options/MSP.

We are working on developing a solution for more information please contact support@projectinabox.org.uk

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