KB2910317 Error extracting project plan information to a report


This article applies to Windows 2003 Server platforms. When generating a report that includes a .MPP Project plan the folloing error is displayed

The project report completed with the following messages 1. There is problem reading the MSP plan on the server '<plan.mpp>. The type initializer for'net.sf.mpxj.CodePage 'threw an exception %mppmpxj.GetData) (clsMSP .clsMSP_MppPlugin.GetGata)(clsProjectReport.ReadUserSpecifiedMspOnServer)


The plugin that extracts the Data from the MPP file require Micorosft .NET framework version 3.5 to be installed. Please confirm that you have .NET v3.5 installed on the machine. It is available from http://www.microsoft.com/net/default.aspx

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