Here in one place for you is the latest news on PROJECT in a box releases and upgrades.

PROJECT in a box Releases

First of all, you can find news here on the great new features available in our software.  In addition we provide videos and links to further info.

Small Team, Enterprise  and Live Edition Version 5.1 launched in April 2018

project in a box releases

Version 5.1 of PROJECT in a box for the multi-user Small Team, Enterprise and Live Editions has been launched.  You therefore now get valuable new capabilities including:

  1. Browser navigation – so you can use full point and click navigation on any device
  2. Browser preview – as a result typically 90% of project files can be previewed directly in the browser
  3. New Browser layout – making it very easy for users to adopt the browser and for you to personalise it
  4. .piabx files – another exciting revolution, a new file type for templates giving you many advantages over Word
  5. GDPR friendly – because GDPR is weighing on everyones mind we give you some great new features to keep you compliant.

finally, we have prepared a set of video introductions to the new capabilities, these are available here or on You tube:

Intro and overview with slides and commentary (13min), video here or video on YouTube

Browser working for your users (16min), video here or video on YouTube

Working with .piabx files and GDPR consent (16min), video here or video on YouTube

Finally, you can also explore the blog posts on these topics for more info.

See Knowledge base topics on version 5.1 upgrade

PROJECT in a box releases new PRINCE2 2017 refresh materials

We are delighted to announce that we have launched updated method templates including updated materials:

  • PRINCE2 2017 Method Template – Licensed product containing the PRINCE2 2017 templates, process navigation and more. Video here
  • PRINCE2 resource pack 2017 – helpful resources including the official template pack and links to other on-line resources. Video here
  • nStep method family 2017 – a refresh of our 1,3,4 & 5 step methods with new templates, structure and guidance. Video here

You will find the new PRINCE2 resource pack and nStep methods included in all our product platforms.  If you are an existing user you can run the upgrade now, CE users here and others here.  If you want to buy the new PRINCE2 2017 Method Template you can do that here.

You can also see the blog for further information on these landmark project in a box releases,