The Latest news on PROJECT in a box releases and upgrades.

PROJECT in a box releases new PRINCE2 2017 refresh materials

We are delighted to announce that we have launched updated method templates including updated materials:

  • PRINCE2 2017 Method Template – Licensed product containing the PRINCE2 2017 templates, process navigation and more. Video here
  • PRINCE2 resource pack 2017 – helpful resources including the official template pack and links to other on-line resources. Video here
  • nStep method family 2017 – a refresh of our 1,3,4 & 5 step methods with new templates, structure and guidance. Video here

You will find the new PRINCE2 resource pack and nStep methods included in all our product platforms.  If you are an existing user you can run the upgrade now, CE users here and others here.  If you want to buy the new PRINCE2 2017 Method Template you can do that here.

You can also see the blog for further information on these landmark releases,

PROJECT in a box Releases

You can find news here on the great new features available in our software.

Small Team, Enterprise  and Live Edition Version 5.0

Version 5.0 of PROJECT in a box for the multi-user Small Team, Enterprise and Live Editions has been launched.  You get valuable new capabilities included:

  1. Collaboration threads – for your general project discussions
  2. Multi Portfolio Reports – roll up your departments to organisation or programmes to portfolio level
  3. Interactive Calendar and Milestone Timelines – see your task info in new formats and you can also show these in reports
  4. Search extensions – now search files and collaboration data and use advanced search language
  5. Issue Impacts – collect data on the impacts of your issues, roll these up and report on them
  6. Idea Management – collect ideas and manage these through gates into live projects
  7. Cost Actuals reporting – access your assignment data (budget and actual cost info from the Planner plan) at project and portfolio levels for further analysis, providing project cost control.
  8. Planner Live – use Planner in your browser now hooked in for ease of use and including resource injection capability.
  9. New Planner v5.0 – a New Planner App for windows, new data property collections automatically as well as Calendar, Milestones and more.
  10. New Browser capabilities – new drag and drop add or replace.

finally, we have prepared a set of video introductions on this site to the new capabilities:

Introduction to the areas with powerpoint and commentary (21min)

Collaboration Threads, Search and Browser drag and drop features (8min)

Multi Portfolio Reports and Idea management Process (25min)

Issue Impacts and Planner App capabailities (14min)

Calendar, Milestone timelines and Planner Live in the browser (14min)

If required you can view these at YouTube instead.

See Knowledge base topics on version 5.0 upgrade

Planner version 5.0 launched

As you will have noted above to coincide with the launch of PROJECT in a box 5.0 we are also launching Planner version 5.0 and this is available to all existing and new users of Planner. simply register and download for free to upgrade your existing copy or install as a new application.

  • Calendar display to show your Tasks and risk and issue responses, this can also be output to a Calendar file to load into outlook.
  • Milestone timeline showing your milestones and their status.
  • Colour bands for risk ratings applying at both Inherent and Residual levels.
  • Status and Commentary collection for tasks, risks and Issues
  • Issue Impact data collection for time, cost and quality
  • Calculating a Plan progress to date stat to tell you if your tasks are on track.
  • Packaging a wider range of stats and data for auto loading to PROJECT in a box when you check your plan back in.

here are some helpful additional resources for this Planner release:

Introduction with PowerPoint and commentary (7 mins)

Detained demonstration of new display enhancements (14 mins)

Detailed demonstration of new data types (13 mins)

You can also view these videos on YouTube if you prefer.