Creating free project plans was a dream for must people until they found Planner.  Planner is totally free forever.  You can use it as much as you want, create as many plans as you want.  You can also share it with whoever you want.

Planner is also easy to use and you can even import any existing MS Project plans you have.  Maybe that is why so many of you have adopted Planner as your planning tool of choice.

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Free Project Plans? Yes and now with so much more

We have not rested on our laurels though. We recently launched new Planner 5.0 with a stack of great new features mostly suggested by you the users.  You now also get the following planning related features for free in the new Planner:

  • Calendar views including export to Outlook
  • Milestone timeline display including colouring for completeness
  • Status and commentary collection
  • A new Project progress to date calculation, for great indication of on-track.
  • Budget and Actuals management roll up for export

So as well as your free project plans, Planner 5.0 also provides you with great additions in the Risk and Issue areas:

  • Risk management
    • Set your own choice of colour bands for rating colours
    • Status and commentary collection
    • Risk responses with due dates show in the calendar view
  • Issue management
    • Impact data collection for cost, time and quality
    • status and commentary collection
    • Impact data roll up for stats and reporting
    • Issue responses with due dates show in Calendar view

As a result the download numbers for Planner v5.0 are going up.  More and more people want to find out just how far free project plans, risks and issues can get them.

You can see these new Planner capabilities on YouTube or here on the Planner home page.

Or why wait? you can sign up to download Planner here now.

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