It is great to be able to tell you that PROJECT in a box is now Cyber Essentials approved.  We have taken this step to give a clear demonstration to our customers about our commitment to their on-line security.  So we will now be wearing the badge with pride on our website and product pages.

Cyber essentials; SaaS PPM solution

While this badge is a visible sign of our efforts this doesn’t mean we are resting.  We continue behind the scenes to strengthen and improve our security, undertaking penetration tests and acting on the results.  For your safety we won’t be laying out all the details here.

About Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously.  The scheme is available at two levels:

  • Cyber Essentials – an independently verified self assessment. Organisations assess themselves against five basic security controls and a qualified assessor verifies the information provided.
  • Cyber Essentials PLUS – a higher level of assurance. A qualified and independent assessor examines the same five controls, testing that they work in practice by simulating basic hacking and phishing attacks.

The five basic controls within Cyber Essentials were chosen because, when properly implemented, they will help to protect against unskilled internet-based attackers using commodity capabilities – which are freely available on the internet.

Organisations that undertake Cyber Essentials are encouraged to recertify at least once a year and, where appropriate, progress their security.

Since 1 October 2014, Cyber-Essentials became a minimum requirement for bidding for some government contracts (

For further information please see\cyberessentials

About SaaS PPM Solutions

Many customers buy our Live Edition and YourPMO solutions to deliver their PPM requirements.  We host these applications for you within our assessed environment.  Therefore public sector customers should always be buying their SaaS services from a verified organisation like ours.

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