You thought the exam was tough, PRINCE2 in practice can be even more of a challenge.

Like other PMs you will have studied PRINCE2 to pass the exam, applying it is so different. You are not alone in struggling with this. We still see and hear of many PMs struggling and falling at this critical hurdle.  Arguablly your inability to easily implement your new skills can reflect poorly on you and your tutors.

We know it isn’t your fault though and have some great tools to help you be successful with your projects.  Of course we think our PRINCE2 tools are a great aide but we are not alone in this view.  Many of the leading PRINCE2 trainers recommend our tools to their delegates to help with this transition.

As we mentioned in our earlier Blog post, Axelos include this tool set in their PRINCE2 Membership service because they recognize how useful it is in putting PRINCE2 in practice.

Helping you to put PRINCE2 in practice

PIAB provide many tools to support delivering PRINCE2 in practice.  Community Edition and Planner as free PRINCE2 tools and also Personal Edition.  We support this with several Method templates, the full Official PRINCE2 Method Template and the PRINCE2 Resource Pack.  To save you having to read lots of website we have prepared some videos to walk you through the options.

prince2 in practice; project management software

Your introduction video is here on You Tube

If you want Free, and who could blame you in that, Community Edition with the PRINCE2 Resource pack and Planner is the entry choice. Our users find this the most attractive starting point with over 250,000 taking advantage of it.

You can then add the PRINCE2 Method Template to Community edition for just £15 and that will give you all the PRINCE2 processes laid out for your convenience.

When you are ready to fully professionalize your PRINCE2 tool upgrade to Personal Edition.  Personal Edition gives you reporting, portfolios and Tailoring for just £99 extra.

So when you are thinking PRINCE2 in practice you know where to come for everything you need.

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