Browsing recently I have noticed how many people seem to search for an MS project Alternative.  There are also quite a few blogs proposing lists of the top 5 MS project alternatives. So I thought you might all find this a helpful topic to explore further.

I have to start by saying that I’m a long term MS Project (MSP) user.  Although I recognize that does sound a bit like an admission at an AA type self help group! Project is clearly the staple and default planning tool of most organisations and for very good reason.  MS Project is a stable, highly functional,well written and easy enough to use once you are familiar with it.

Many customers and acquaintances from the PM world are quick to point it it’s flaws though. Peoples most common complaint with MSP is price.  Project Managers think that it is just too expensive. Project team members often find it opaque and a challenge to use without training. When as a PM you want others to contribute, or often even just to read, the plan you might need to buy many more licences and for lots that is the last straw.

MS project is still my go to planning tool for large complex projects and most colleagues working in those environments tend to agree. But I hold my hands up and have to agree with those concerns and we at PROJECT in a box worked on some solutions.

We felt it was obvious that most people were facing issues when trying to use the sledgehammer of MS Project to crack the nut of the ‘average’ project plan.  With this in mind we set about producing an MS project alternative suitable for 80% of project plans.  Our result was Planner, a free MS Project alternative designed to be easy to use.

MS Project Alternative Review – Planner

I could now go on about how good Planner is and how easy it is to use. But instead here is Steve Cotterell’s independent review of Planner version 3.0 from Project Manager Today.

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You can read Steve’s full review of the best MS project Alternative, Planner 3.0 here on our website.

Your copy of the top MS Project alternative Planner is just a click away, register here to download for free and use forever.

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