Task Management; gantt chart

Having a good Gantt chart is essential to a well run project.  Your team members will also find it much easier to see their involvement.  Also as Project Manager you will be clearer about the timescales and activities required.

PROJECT in a box Gantt Charts show you clearly when tasks start and end.  You can also see the linkage between tasks and their percentage complete. Tasks grouped together within the Gantt Chart will also help to make it easy to follow and report on.  You can also allocate users to tasks in your plan and this is very helpful in keeping track of resources.

Customers using our planning tools in Planner and the main PROJECT in a box find these features help their projects. PROJECT in a box provides gantt displays at project, programme and portfolio levels as well as in reports and dashboards.  You can also see a personal gantt display of your tasks drawn together from all plans if you want.

Finding the right Gantt chart tool for you

Planner is a free tool from PROJECT in a box. With Planner you can assemble your project plan easily, incorporating all the important information.  Planner also supports risk and issue data within the same easy to use tool.

Planner also includes analysis so you can flip your Gantt chart to a costs view and back again. You can also report from Planner directly or load into PIAB for even more options.  Planner is used by thousands of organisations.  Many organisations now also use Planner instead of MS Project as their Gantt Chart tool of choice.

Download Planner for free from here and take the first steps in world class planning.

You can find out more about plan analysis at project and programme levels here or about inter-project dependencies here.

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