PRINCE2 Project

Your PRINCE2 Project could be so easy to deliver with PROJECT in a box.

Your project could be set up at the touch of a button.  You would then have at your fingertips:

  • first of all, the full set of official PRINCE2 templates
  • also other helpful templates from the same author
  • your processes set out and easy to navigate
  • your reporting prepared and awaiting your data
  • Finally, health checks, guidance and tips to help keep you authentic

Every project you create will be identical, every time giving you peace of mind.  Leaving you free to focus on the difficult job of delivering the project.

You can use this for a small fee on our personal Tools Community and Personal Editions, and many users do. If your project involves lots of people though you will find using it on our multi-user tools even better.  With your PRINCE2 project shared with the team they can get direct access to the files you share. These team members can also engage with their tasks, risks and issues on the project.  Of course you can see what they are doing and control their access.  You can then focus on the bigger picture at the whole project level.

PRINCE2 Project

You could check latest task status, run reports or even look at resource demands using Small Team Edition.  Many projects even allow their suppliers and partners to access the project files directly saving them time and effort.

Next steps for your PRINCE2 Project…

Find out about Community Edition here.  You can also read about the PRINCE2 Method Template which saves you so much time in setting up your project.

Axelos the owners of the PRINCE2 Methodology have licensed our PRINCE2 Method Template.  So you can be confident it is an accurate reflection of the PRINCE2 you learned on your training.

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