collaboration software

The right collaboration software is a must in the fast moving connected world today.

You will need a tool that brings your project team together in a shared purpose.  At the same time your tool will need to help your team deliver their project tasks. You will probably also want your team to be following a process flow or method.  Your team may be from many countries, time zones and disciplines so language will be important.

So there are lots of challenges you and your team face in working together collaborating of the project.

Collaboration software how you want it

Live Edition provides you with a shared collaboration environment your team can access from any device. Live Edition can run over the web or you can keep it private in your network or on a VPN.  So you choose how widely you want access to spread.  Live edition gives you permissions control over the specifics of access to project content and tools.

Your team members work on files held in the project, viewing, working on them and also adding new content.  Live Edition shows you how the files are being updated and by who and can also send you notifications by email when things change. Your project will follow a process, this could be PRINCE2, Agile or you could choose a simple process, even create your own.  Live edition therefore has all your governance needs built in as standard.

As you would expect with collaboration software Live Edition provides much more too including:

  • task and plan management
  • risk and issue management
  • benefit and finance management
  • time recording and project accounting
  • reporting and dashboards

Live Edition is available for you now, great value and ready for you to start using immediately.  You can find out more here or contact us with any further questions you might have.