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Project planning tools are essential to the successful delivery of every project. Even the simplest idea of a project, that it has a start, middle and end, this is a plan. So ensuring you have a suitable tool for planning your project should be high on your list of priorities.

Sadly many project managers use planning tools which are either too simple or too complex.  It is still common to see many plans drawn in excel, powerpoint or even word files.  These sort of plans lack the capabilities to successfully control even the smallest simplest project.  Project managers using these types of plans are also not showing themselves off in the best light.

Many PMs have fallen into using these ‘non-planning tools’ because the proper tools also failed them.  The professional project planning tools often try to do everything and as such are complex.  This complexity makes them difficult for you as a Project Manager to just pick up and use.  The cost of ownership is high because training is usually required on top of licence fees. Of course when you are managing big, complex projects these tools are appropriate, even essential.

Most of you project managers though are working on mid complexity projects and want a project planning tool to match.  You will find that Planner sits right in this sweet spot.

Planner – the best of free project planning tools

Planner is the solution you have been searching for:

  • Planner is free
  • Planner provides the core planning capabilities used on 80% of project plans
  • Planner lets you import from and export to MS Project, Primavera and Excel
  • Planner will also help you manage your risks, issues and costs, if you want

So what are you waiting for? Download Planner here for free and use it for as long as you want.

Planner is not a trial, you will find it easy to use, whatever your project management background.

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