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The first thing you will need in implementing you project are PRINCE2 templates.  You are now on the right track because we are the experts in this area.  Malcolm West, the MD of PROJECT in a box has been the author of the official PRINCE2 templates since 2007.

Our free project management software, Community Edition includes the full set of Official PRINCE2 templates. We have also included extra templates, from the same author to help with roles.  These are exclusive to PRINCE2 methods within PROJECT in a box and very helpful in working with team members without PRINCE2 training.  Setting up and running your project in PROJECT in a box gives you all the PRINCE2 templates you will need and also keeps your processes authentic. Templates are also provided for Plans, risk and Issue registers in Planner.  Planner gives you a simple, light tool for plans, risks and issues tool and is included for free.  Consequently you get much more than just templates, a personal project management tool kit.

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PROJECT in a box provides you with the full PRINCE2 template set for your complex projects. You also get included simpler project models for less complex projects, using appropriate set of the same templates.  This gives you a solution for any sort of project you might face, all using the familiar PRINCE2 templates.

PRINCE2 templates included

Your essential core templates: Project mandate, PID, Business Case, Project Plan, Highlight Report, Product Description and Work Package.

The controls documents you will need: Schedule, Risk Register, Issue Register, Benefits Register, Quality Register, Daily Log and Lessons Learned Log.

The templates for stages including Stage Plan and also Checkpoint Report.

As well as the above official templates we include a full set of Roles in the same format and by the same author.  Further exclusive extra templates include ones for health check and project finances.

The template set is completed for you with configuration templates.

So what are you waiting for? Register now to download your free PM software containing this full PRINCE2 template set.

Click here to register and Download Community Edition for free, PRINCE2 templates

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