benefit management

Benefit management helps you to deliver the right outcomes from the right projects. Project teams who collect, assess and manage the potential benefits for their projects are doing the right thing.

PROJECT in a box helps you with this important process without making it difficult.  Just include a benefit register as one of your project files and as the data is filled in by the project team, PIAB will prepare the stats for you.  Project, Programme and also other managers can then report on benefits as required.

Benefit Management how you like it

Benefit Management is still in its infancy in many organisations.  Accordingly PROJECT in a box allow you to set your own approach using a spreadsheet register.  This lets you choose how complex or simple your data will be. Customers can use our provided template for a quick start or set up their own file simply.  This flexibility therefore means you are not forced to adopt a structure you don’t like or pay for development work to get your approach.



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